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As a full-service lawn, irrigation company in the Twin Cities, MN, we understand how important a smooth-running irrigation system is to a healthy lawn. We recognize that each property is unique, so our approach and plan is customized to meet the needs of every client, from simple sprinkler blowouts to monthly maintenance packages.

An irrigation sprinkler is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses, and other areas. They are also used for cooling and for the control of airborne dust. Sprinkler irrigation is the method of applying water in a controlled manner in way similar to rainfall.

Are you ready to install your sprinkler system?

Starting with our friendly office support staff to our estimating team and our installation and service technicians, you will find out goal is to deliver a professional experience. We offer free estimates for new irrigation systems, custom design each system and provide a timely installation with competitive prices.


How do you install an inground sprinkler system?

Installing an underground sprinkler is a great way to conserve water and save money on irrigation. This type of lawn irrigation system can be a complicated installation project, but with the right preparation and materials, it can be within your reach.


Is it worth to install a sprinkler system?

If you’re interested in improving the overall appearance of your home, an irrigation system will be worth your investment. With a multitude of features and benefits, irrigation systems provide the correct amount of water your landscaping needs in order to thrive


How do you layout a lawn sprinkler system?

A carefully measured and scaled irrigation layout plan will help you make a complete shopping list before you head to the hardware store. Using a copy of your garden plan, mark where you intend to put sprinkler heads and note the areas they’ll cover. Then use a second plan to note where control valves and pipes will go.

The number of valves you use will affect the size of the manifold system you’ll need. Add up the total length of pipe, including an additional foot for every 20 feet to cover any small measuring errors.

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Service & Repairs

Need Help Getting Your Spriklers System Up To Par?

Your lawn needs an efficient irrigation system that uses the right amount of water at the right intervals for beautiful, lush grass. Get one from Minnesota Irrigation.

We fix and replace heads that aren’t shooting or functioning properly.

Do you notice that something seems to go wrong at the worst possible time? When it comes to your lawn water sprinkler, a clogged sprinkler head or a buzzing pump are issues you need to resolve right away.

We adjust sprinkler heads shooting in the wrong direction.

To adjust a stationary sprinkler head, find the spray radius adjustment screw on top of the nozzle. You may need to adjust it slightly to point the water spray in the direction of your lawn that you want it. Turning it clockwise can also help lower the water pressure on a spray head that is shooting too much water out.

Broken sprinkler line due to frost, we can fix that!

Subfreezing temperatures are a recipe for disaster for uninsulated sprinkler pipes. The above-ground portions of a sprinkler system are most vulnerable and will crack from expanding ice if they are not drained before a hard freeze. If cracks occur, repairs will be necessary before the system is used in spring. All too often, significant water loss and erosion result from a broken sprinkler pipe.

Startups & Blowouts

In-Ground Sprinkler System Blowouts & Startups.

The blow out method entails blowing in air at high pressure into the pipes to force all the water out of the irrigation system. The pressurized air pushes any water left in the lines and discharges it through the sprinkler heads.
Do you need to blowout your sprinkler system?

Most lawn sprinkler developers recommend the air blow out system to winterize an irrigation system. Forcing air through the valves, pipes and sprinkler heads completely rids the system of water.

When should you start up sprinkler system?

To keep your irrigation investment safe, monitor the weather and wait until temperatures consistently remain above freezing through the night. Typically, the best time to start up your sprinkler system is between the middle of April and the middle of May.

Can I turn on my sprinkler system myself?

Some homeowners count on a lawn service or irrigation contractor to winterize the system in the fall and turn it back on in the spring, but there is no reason to pay for this service, as it’s very easy to do yourself in just a matter of minutes.

Lawn Sprinklers Installation Contractors

If you are wondering what lawn irrigation installation will cost you, and where to find an installer of lawn sprinklers and sprinkler systems near you to perform the work, we have got you covered, too. In addition to installing irrigation systems with sprinklers, Metro Lawn Sprinkler Services offers maintenance and service for your lawn sprinklers. As the leading irrigation systems company serving the Twin Cities, MN metro. MN irrigation installs some of the best sprinkler systems available, and we are always looking to incorporate new technologies that will enhance the services provided to our customers.

We are a professional sprinkler contractor that has been doing systems design, installing, and providing service for your garden sprinkler systems for 20 years. Our expert Lawn Sprinkler Contractors will then give you a full, accurate assessment of the scope of the lawn sprinkler system, number of sprinklers, and amount of supplies needed to effectively cover the lawn. dedicated Lawn Sprinkler Installation Crews will quickly and effectively set up the sprinkler system.

Keep your lawns and landscaping looking great with products and services from our irrigation contractors in Minnesota. Our landscapers are experienced professionals with landscape installations, sprinkler and watering services.

Our carefully planned irrigation system installation will ensure you have healthy, green lawns, thriving plants, and will keep your landscaping looking great from one year to the next. A properly installed sprinkler system keeps your landscape lush and green, saving you water, money, time, and labor.

Water Conservation – By setting sprinklers to water the lawn at the correct times of the day, for the correct amounts of time, you can ensure your lawn is getting enough water without being wasted. While we are still waiting for the rain, consider installing an automated sprinkler system to update your landscape and get the most out of your water. Because your sprinkler system will water only the sections of your lawn that need watering, the weeds grow less, and even leaf diseases such as blight are prevented.

In-ground systems require more time to install than above-ground sprinklers, since professionals must plan the installation carefully, remove any existing sprinklers, excavate your lawn with minimal disturbance and damage, and clean up after installing sprinklers. More complex sprinkler systems, which cover larger areas and utilize high-end components, are harder to install since they typically include eight to 15 zones and may need digging beneath paving.

Cost – Irrigation Systems

Average sprinkler systems commonly used on suburban properties, which cover 6 to 10 zones, use a variety of components, and need an installation that is moderately complex, cost between $3,000 to $6,000. Basic sprinkler systems, which require simple installation and only cover small lawns or planting beds, will cost $2,000 to $4,000.

If sprinkler installations are part of a new landscape design, many installation companies will work with you and your landscape designer to install a system appropriate to your plans. Your sprinkler contractor may include sprinklers that are installed on top of the soil in the installation bid, and will install them as part of the general upgrade of the sprinkler system. If you added a pool, expanded the backyard, installed a new septic system, added extra planting beds, MN Irrigation works with you directly to deliver the sprinkler system that is right for the needs of your home.

As a sprinkler professional (certified irrigation) guides you through the planning and preparation of the installation, you will understand the needs for the various areas of your lawn and landscape. Whether you are looking for a landscape design or a sprinkler installation, we are confident in working alongside you to deliver a better solution that fits every step of your project within your budget. Consulting a landscape professional can help you develop a plan to select your sprinkler system and how to install it, ensuring your whole yard receives an appropriate amount of water every day.

Hiring a reputable lawn-care installation company will make sure that you are getting proper spacing and coverage for your lawn. To prevent any damage, it is best to have the system installed before hiring a landscaper to develop or improve your lawn. Working with a professional to develop an ideal sprinkler system for your property will no doubt save you time and money, as well as lead to an increased property value, which comes from having a well-maintained lawn and landscape.

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