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Lawn Sprinkler Systems Repair Dayton MN

Lawn Sprinklers Service & Repair

MN Irrigation specializes in installing complete lawn sprinkler systems from Hunter, Rainbird, and Toro, leaders in home and commercial irrigation equipment. We stand behind the quality of each sprinkler system we install and service, so that our customers enjoy beautiful lawns throughout spring and summer. MN Irrigation sprinkler systems and watering systems are designed to make sure that your lawn area looks its best all the time.

We have our services available to customers in many communities, around the Dayton, MN. Comprehensive lawn as well as sprinkler services consisting of sprinkler repairs, watering, lawn solutions, automatic sprinkler repair work. We focus on reducing water waste and ecological pollution, while providing exceptional results. Along with providing exceptional lawn treatment, MN Irrigation aids homeowners and entrepreneur with sprinkler repair work as well as maintenance, consisting of sprinkler blowouts throughout the autumn.

We are happy to talk to you about watering efficiency, diagnose and take care of sprinkler repairs, and assist with sprinkler systems upgrades. We also make recommendations on potential future services and repairs, as well as suggest solutions for improving water efficiency in sprinkler systems. Whether MN Irrigation installed your lawn sprinkler system or if someone else did, we are equipped to perform maintenance and repairs.

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We fix and replace heads that aren’t shooting or functioning properly.


We adjust improper water distribution amounts throughout your property.


We adjust sprinkler heads shooting in the wrong direction.


Broken sprinklers line due to frost, we can fix that!


Operate your sprinkler controller from your Smart Phone!


We can determine whether your irrigation or sprinkler system is consuming too much water.

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